councilWe are St Cuthbert’s School Council.

We are elected representatives, who help to make St Cuthbert’s a great place to learn.

At the beginning of the year we all wrote manifestos sharing our reasons for wanting to be on the School Council and why we thought we were suitable candidates. Two members of each KS2 class were then elected in a secret ballot, by our classmates.

We know that it is important to have a School Council because we are able to give the pupils at our school a voice and try to make the school a better place with their ideas. School Council meetings are a good place to talk about issues in school and to allow all pupils to have a say in their school.

We meet on Wednesdays to discuss our ideas and any feedback that we have received from our classmates. We often spend a lot of time discussing whether the ideas are sensible and how we could try to implement ideas that we think will improve the school. We then decide on any actions we need to take, and who will take responsibility for each action. This might involve things like talking to the head teacher, working with teachers on new ideas, or making presentations to show other people in the school our ideas.

We also have another very important role in school – we are Growth Mindset Ambassadors. This means that we are responsible for encouraging other children and adults to have a Growth Mindset attitude. We help our teachers to choose a Mindset Champion each week, who is then celebrated in our Friday assembly.

We love being able to make a difference in our school!