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Take a look at some of the comments we have received from parents about our staff and school!

June 2022

  • Our child has been really happy in Year 4. We moved midterm and she loved it straight away (which says a lot about the class, teacher and school as a whole).  Thank you for the support.  (Mum)


  • My child has had the best year. He has enjoyed all of his topic areas and the books they have read together. He loves being with his friends and learning together. (Mum and Dad of child in Year 4)


  • Fantastic and supportive teachers! Both of my girls love coming to school. It's great to see the trips happening - some amazing opportunities. (Mum-Year 1 and Year 3)


  • Mr Hirrell is a fantastic teacher, very supportive. All the children and parents love him.  Year 3 has been the best year for my child.  (Parent)


  • Thank you for your patience and good humour Miss Lippett. You've made year 4 a brilliant adventure. (Parent)