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At St Cuthbert's, it is our vision that every child will learn to write by being given real and inspiring materials from across our creative curriculum through the use of core books. This will ensure that children are exposed to a wide variety of high quality and interesting texts as stimulus to a range of writing genres. As well as this, we provide opportunities to support and challenge the children in their writing, whilst sharing excellent examples to inspire the children and to emulate styles. We believe that this will enable the children to become confident and enthusiastic about the journey they will take leading to an excellent piece of work. Throughout the year, we provide the children with daily opportunities for writing through sentence work, planning, drafting and publishing extended writing each week. At each stage of the writing process, we endeavour to provide the children with the opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge that will allow them to express themselves effectively and creatively through spoken and written language.


At St Cuthbert's, cursive script is taught throughout the school, beginning in Early Years (through pre-cursive) through to Year 6. It is taught discreetly as well as being embedded throughout all teaching, with all staff modelling in their writing.